Reported for no reason as far as I am aware

I was flying in the Hawaii region, doing pattern work at PHNL on runway 8R. The airport got busy and so pattern work was ending and I lined up on 8R to stop flying. As I was approaching, I noticed another aircraft on approach for one of the 04 runways. I notified ATC I was going around and was told to make right downwind for 08R again. As I was continuing downwind, I got reported by @Brandon_Sandstrom? As far as I am aware I hadn’t done anything wrong.
This was on the Expert server with Brandon as ATC.

I would like to know the reason for the report…

Pictures show me on downwind and the ATC commands that were given.

This may be helpful -

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@Brandon_Sandstrom can assist here


Ok here is the deal here. If you’re planning on doing VFR patterns at the busiest field in the region, there are a few things you need to do above and beyond what you typically do. This goes for anytime approach is active and your doing pattern work, or flying VFR.

  • Pattern altitudes Heavy 1500 AGL Light 1000 AGL NEVER 3000 AGL
  • Pattern distance when performing pattern work you should never exceed the inner most airspace ring if you do it shouldn’t be by much.

In the picture you are right under the ghost at 3000 MSL with about a half mile between you and the IFR cleared for 04R. As you can see the delima. Had you followed basic pattern procedures we wouldn’t be in this spot. Further more it is your responsibilty as a VFR pilot to see and avoid this is an apparent conflict. I’ll talk to the tower controller for letting this happen in the first place. This is however not how to fly patterns at a busy airfield with approach services active.


I understand that but I had requested multiple runway changes, as I was going to land (all of which were denied) leaving me to cross the approach paths of other runways. With a realistic 180 degree turn I ended up outside the inner circle to also leave enough room for the second turn.
Sorry if I did something wrong but I was very confused as no previous warnings were given and I had requested for different approach scenarios to avoid exactly this.

The direction or runway wasn’t the issue here it’s the altitude at which you are flying your patterns. Had you been at 1500 There would have been no issue what so ever. He would have flown over the top of you by more then 1000 or even 500 for VFR. In my screen shot posted you two are at the same altitude. See and avoid if you have to modify your pattern to do so do it.


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