Reported for No Clear Reason

So I was flying on the Expert ATC and on my final into Denver. The atc who’s name is BluePanda900 contacted me and said that the airport was too busy for and that my destination airport is now accepting arrivals now. Then, a few minutes later he gave me instructions to land and I followed it. Then, I received a reporting from him that was interefering with other aircrafts. This brought me down to a Grade 2. How can I direct message the controller and what else can I do?

Contact @BluePanda900 via DM, please.


As mentioned, contact the controller.

That’s the procedure. He’ll be with you when he’s free.

He can’t, he’s a new user. I’m sure that @BluePanda900 will see this and send a PM when he has time.

@Roosh27 Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community!


Hey, welcome to the community! I’ll reach out to @BluePanda900 and have him contact you about your inquiry.

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@BluePanda900 will reach out if he hasn’t already.