Reported for landing on runway 15 at KASE

@N1DG. MaxSez: I got your CAP hanging! I was pushin iron for Uncle when your where a gleam in your Daddie eye! Aspin Rwy uses are not published and there are no NOTAM’s to that effect. Granted usage is enforced when the field is Controlled. Additionally this was peer reporting , who know the skill level of the guy on 30 or the Reporters. Stuff happens, it a machine generated thing. In this case, “Go Around”, that the prudent and professional thing to do. Respectfully, Gooday Sports Pilot.

@Maxmustang I don’t know if you were calling @N1DG a sport pilot, but he is not. He is an FAA licensed Private Pilot. He knows his stuff just like me…If you don’t believe me, then you are more than welcome to PM me or @N1DG and we would be glad to show you.

Good day sir!


haha yeah your right I’m a young gun your right. but a sport pilot sir that’s a little much. I’m actually laughing to due to your ignorance of calling me a sport pilot. no this may not be much but I have a private pilots license so that’s ignorance and I’m also going to a part 141 flight school too be a commercial pilot. Don’t make remarks if you don’t know the facts. Have a great day/night.


@N1RG@N1DG I’ll show you mine if you show me your’s. LOL. Cast around CAP get a Sport’s Pilot in return.
We agree to disagree! A PM would serve no useful purpose. We’d just get more ugly and disagreeable. Served and returned! Your loyal friends obviously No hard feelings it’s a wash.
Regards, Mad Max

heck ill be more than happy to show you mine. its all public record. the heck I care and haha of course no hard feelings just a nice open discussion

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The point is, this is an instance where the mob rule got it wrong.

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This has run its course.

  1. Standard op at ASE is always 15 in, 33 out. Variations to SOP should be done on casual or TS.

  2. Pay attention to your surroundings. If traffic is flowing to a particular runway, make sure you follow Unicom protocol, follow the flow, and/or divert.

  3. The group of pilots landing on 33 could have gone around just as easy as they hit report. The user ghost is intended to be used when a player is intentially and maliciously breaking rules and ruining the experience for others. There’s no way this was possible before he had wheels on the ground.

I’m reversing the ghost. Everyone be nice. Don’t be jerks.