Reported for landing on runway 15 at KASE

I was reported by other users for approaching runway 15 at KASE on expert

I reported final to runway 15 as I noticed an other users lineing in for runway 33 to land. I was just about to go around when I received this.

Is there anyway this can be undone. I have never done anything wrong.

My IFATC Dreams have gone out the window for a while.


What aircraft?

I was in an A318 with callsign M-AGIC

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Which runway was in use at the time?

Look closely at the map. Aircraft landing on other side and your runway is red.

At KASE only runway 15 should be used to land. Wind does not play a factor at KASE

Edit: @Tecnam2TA @AtomicHerbster4 I was following this. Controlling at KASE ( ADV server)


Ah, buddy, you were using an inactive runway, that’s why…

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If everyone else is using runway 33, then why try to use 15? There is a 17 knot tailwind to add onto that. Even though IRL 15 is only used, you can’t just forgot others in that individual situation in IF. Don’t get me wrong though, I have sympathy for the situation.


Actually you can if he reported final he has the right of way over any other aircraft.


What about the aircraft on final for 33?

Yeah, unfortunately it’s just one of those things. If in doubt, follow the queue that’s what I do in that situation.

Depends on who called in first then. Opposite approaches are offen done in RL on Unicom or CTAF you just need to pay attention and communicate


According to this picture, it looks like @AdamCallow was the lowest of the three A/C therefore he has the right away of runway and has the right to land first.


To me it looks as if the other aircraft is at a similar distance from the airfield, but idk…

KASE operates one way in on way out. runway 15 is usually most all the times used for landings while 33 is used for takoff. while you are lower you should have the right away and should have landed. therefore to me you shouldn’t have been ghosted. I would talk to an atc moderator about it.

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Thanks @N1DG. I fear it can’t be undone as it was due to reports.

no problem. well those people need to know there rules. did you catch anything in there display name like a group. like mine is IFAE-Dillon


I did not.But there are two in the picture above. I was busy trying to land with the tough approach after coming in slightly too high. There was ATC at KASE but they disconnected shortly after I called inbound.

Isn’t gang-reporting great?

Until it tags an innocent.


Pm people in that picture if they have an IFC