Reported for flying too fast?

Hello. I was wondering if their is a speed limit for fighters. I was reported for flying to fast by a random person, but the fighters never give me the over speed warning or I have never seen any thing that said you can exceed a certain speed in a fighter. I am trying to become IFATC so this is kind off frustrating knowing I will know have to wait another 60 days.


Pls pm the controller who did the report; he will explain why he reported you with more clarity.

I wassent even In anyone’s airspace

Please check your logbook to find out if it has the name of a controller in it. The flight should have a note saying you received a report, and clicking on that should bring up something that says “Report by controller ATC tomthetank”

What is your username and callsign?


It says reported by manuol g for excessive speed

@MannyG is your guy :)

Send him a PM with any further inquiries you may have.


Please send a PM to @MannyG asking him to explain everything.

That is the only way to resolve this issue.

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Pm @MannyG for more clarity

Alright, thanks.

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Where were you flying

Somewhere in Finland

How high??

About 10500

PM @MannyG please :)