Reported for “Faliure to Follow Sequence”-but I was following it.

I was going around, making left traffic for 08R at KMIA. I asked for a runway change (to 12) but the controller said “unable” and later “I call your base” I responded “you call my Base”. I entered straight in for 08R again, and I was reported for “faliure to follow sequence” I did nothing wrong and should not have been reported. I’m now at grade two, and I’ll be there for a whole week now. Can someone take the report off of my account? Username is JBR409. I was reported by Jeffery1o2.

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Please utilize #live for this :)

You weren’t supposed to turn. That’s what he meant by I’ll call your base.


Okay. I know what happened. You go straight in when he said “I’ll call your base” which means that he’ll tell you when to turn. But you turned by yourself and disrupted sequenced traffic.
Here’s a few helps :

But I promise that I didn’t know that

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I’ve never heard of that before

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Well, pm the controller and try to get your ghost reversed. Another help :

Everyone makes mistakes, and now you’ve learned something new. Take a look through the tutorials here in the community about what certain commands mean, and you’ll probably never be ghosted again if you know what the controller wants you to do!


I am mad (at myself) for not knowing that and that I can’t be on expert server for a week, but I like learning, especially on how to be a pilot


Can’t be mad at yourself for not knowing
I think the controller will cut ya slack


Please message @Jeffrey1o2 to discuss the matter an include a moderator if needed. Thanks!