Reported for Excessive speed

So I was toying around with the F-22 and I noticed it didn’t auto issue violations unlike other aircraft. I happened to join an Expert Server and I checked myself in with Approach successfully, until 10 seconds after acknowledgement I was reported for excessive speed.

Im fine with this, however just wondering if there’s a set of rules for the expert server. I’ve never violated any rules whenever I fly via expert server as I follow them & ATC instructions however the super fast jet caught me off guard xd

Fly at normal, acceptable speeds below 10kft.

I.e. under 250kts, particularly when joining an approach frequency as it eases the controller being able to sequence you in.


This should give you a fair idea about whats expected when flying a fighter jet on the expert server

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How fast were you going?

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There’s a difference between the violation system and lacking situational awareness.

While true that fighters in the post-region era do not have set speed limits, it’s fair to expect that if you’re on a controlled frequency, you should not expect to be allowed to weave in and out through other approaching traffic as a motorcycle on a highway. Likewise for departing the airspace, surrounded by much slower airliners, at extremely high rates of speed.

There isn’t really a set number, but typically when these reports happen, the speeds are so high as to be beyond any rational sense of fence-sitting. It’s not necessarily 250 kts, though you do want to be more reasonable the lower and closer you are to controlled fields, but you can’t just go full tilt, either.


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