Reported for event

Was just reported for something with Atis but I was approved for flight following? What’s the deal

Can you check your logbook for the name of the controller?


If you can PM the controller, you can most likely work out a resolution with him/her.

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No need for speculation, or further discussion. @Scandanavian54super Has asked the question. Once we know the controllers name. Someone will tag him/her. Only once. And the rest will not involve us. Only the controller, the OP and take place in a PM.


My bad, I’ll delete it

Trio is his name

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Contact @Trio

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@Trio is your controller.

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watches like 5 people start typing as he mentions the name

fr though, you guys gotta chill


Please avoid commenting on ghosting threads if you are not the pilot or controller.

Especially avoid guessing what might have happened, as this spreads false information.


You can send your controller a PM, he has been tagged above. Please include your latest callsign and display name, thanks!