Reported.... for crossing runway?

I just crossed the runway 23R at EGCC for a some reason departing runway 23L set-up, and I was immediately reported by several people. The thing is, I clearly marked I was crossing the runway, shortly after another aircraft landed, and as I was crossing another aircraft lined up and took off. Yes this meant I collided with him, which isn’t my fault, yet the thing that annoys me is the other aircraft crossing didn’t get ghosted. Of course I cannot get that lifted, but is a massive frustration for me when I pay a lot of my money monthly for this game, only to be banned from a server, for crossing a runway when it was clear at that time. I tried to report the other pilot, yet of course I can’t. This is seriously frustrating and want something done about this, or at least sorted. No ATC was in progress. Not to mention the aircraft spawning on me at my gate, and pushing back none the less that I was there. (That was before I got ghosted)

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EGCC has been unrealisticly busy, and ATC has been a joke. Tons of people being reported for no reason. PM the controller.


Please check your logbook and contact the one who ghosted you via PM. I am sure you’ll get this sorted out.

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Several people ghosted me instantly. The other aircraft directly to my left was not ghosted however.

Do you have the replay?

Probably. I am android.

You were probably ghosted by any moderator or supervisor. Check logbook and we can direct you,so u can take this further to PM


There were no moderators to my knowledge on the airfield at the time. A few Grade 4’ and Grade 3 standard pilots.

As stated, the one who ghosted might not be a moderator. Check your logbook and shoot them a direct message.

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YOu were probably reported by an supervisor. You won’t be able to recognize them ;) go and check your logbook and see who reported you and you can contact them.

Do you know this for fact or are you just basing this on the assumption that pilots never do anything wrong? ;)


It does not say. There were 2 others who crossed almost exactly the same time as me. They both collided. Neither were reported.

I was reported for crossing the runway, however 2 others crossed the runway almost the exact same time, both colliding with moving aircraft on the runway. Neither got reported. I got reported because people taxied into me, plus the notification. The 2 others remained in the server.

@Ecoops123 - review your logbook and contact the controller accordingly.

As it’s already been said. This topic isn’t going to provide you with any solution.

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EGCC was a bad choice for FNF. Way to small to handle the amount of traffic.

Jesus won’t be able to help you either. Sorry.


Just for the record, so you don’t blame any IFATC directly.

There was no controller present. Many of the reports at EGCC today was due to improper behavior and came from various users with the ability to report others. Someone even said “KLAX on the Training Server was better than this”.

This is a reminder to all of you to mind your surroundings, use the minimap, respect each other and use UNICOM. Those very simple things helps improve the experience for everyone!