Reported for acrobatics while during a tight turn in a F-22

I was flying a F-22 at ZSYW and was practising high speed landings without flaps in the pattern. When i was turning crosswind, an warning message showed up saying “no acrobatics allowed near airports”, i thought it might have been an error and carried on. Afterwards when i was turning base, i was reported by the computer (uncontrolled airport). I’d like to know if it was my fault or is there something wrong with the computer. I was just making tight turns at 90 degrees and wasn’t trying to do any acrobatics. If it is the computer, I’d kindly like the report removed. Thanks!

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I am not sure if this will get appealed, but you can still message @appeals.


@appeals are for level 2/3 violations only. Your best bet would be @moderators


Oh no! I am terribly sorry.


It was not an error. This is a feature to stop people doing acrobatics low over airports.

This was technically your fault.

90 degree turns count as acrobatics.

Unfortunately this will probably not get reversed - as you should know the violation criteria for the Training and Expert Servers. If you want to do tight turns above the airport - go do them on casual server or even on solo to avoid violations.


I regularly fly quite tight circuits in the F-22 and I don’t need to maintain 90° bank angles to do this. My turns are normally about 50°.

It would still be helpful if we could be told exactly what constitutes aerobatics because I still don’t know the parameters that have to be met for violations to be issued. This is like the government imposing speed limits on roads but not telling motorists what the limit is.

It’s unlikely that these violations will be reversed, but I understand your frustration.


Level 1 Violations cannot be appealed. Please see the helpful responses above.