Reported for a small mistake

I got reported today at lax for landing runway 24r instead of 24L I got confused I didn’t mean to

Well, that ain’t no small mistake I’m afraid. If that happens in real life, it could be catastrophic.

See it as an opportunity to learn from your mistake, I’m sure it won’t happen again 😊


As the pilot you should always be checking to see that you are aligned with the correct and assigned runway.

You can see this one of three ways:

  • Visually - look outside!
  • By using the glideslope/localiser indicators in the HUD
  • Checking the map

This is simply an experience to learn from.


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Did you receive a message telling you to “double check runway assignment”?

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you can contact the controller if you like but there’s nothing they can do

The report will likely not be removed

Expert server is an adaptation of real life. If you do that in real life, you will open a way to produce a new episode for air crash investigation.


Remember, ghostings aren’t punishment for something you did wrong, the atc have it so you can learn from your mistake, and learning is on TS 😉


considering the use of the runways yesterday ( L For landings R for take offs) it actually is a major mistake. Next time be aware of plans IFATC may have with controlling an airport

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They are a punishment, but more like a suspension for learning than a full strong punishment.

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well a ghosting does separate you from the expert server so it remains fully professional. Training server is just as good for learning purposes. Sometimes a punishment has to hurt in order to stay reminded. I know its not nice but it makes you more aware and prevents mistakes from repeating


Hey man, dont feel bad, this exact thing happened to me on here a few years back, only time I have ever been gohsted (were it stuck). I took it with humility and learned from it, it has never happened again since.

Its also happened in real life, and people have died so I agree, as one who has experianced it, it is not a small mistake at all, in fact I would argue it is one of the most dangerous that can be done by a pilot.

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Doesn’t that imply that it was intentionally done by the pilot? I would say it’s dangerous more than risky.

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Hnmm yea that was the wrong word lol, thanks for pointing that out :)

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No I never got that message

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I’m a grade 5 or was but I know how it all works it was just confusing for me cus I have dyslexia

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Ok, did The Same, But 8nm out I was told to “double check RWY assignment”

Depending on how busy the airspace is, the ATC will not always be able to catch that, ultimatly when they originally assign a runway, the burden of responsibility from that point on falls on the pilot. If ATC catches an error the message they send is a curtisy advisory.

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Airspace was NOT busy

Whether it was busy or not, you did make a big mistake and lend on the wrong runway.


Honestly, I think you just have to take this one and learn from it. Dont take it personally. I have been ghosted and just had to tell myself that this is a learning experience. So dont sweat it!