Reported falsely

Apraoch controller at mmnu reported me for spamming even tho i did normal procedure, i asked for decent i cliked the wrong altitude and i Said corection stand by, then asked for the right altitude he didnt answerd me for about 3 minutes so i asked for frequenzy change then i got reported for spamming.
This happend around 8 am today

If you find the controller’s name in your logbook you will be able to PM them to discuss the issue.

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I dont have my ipad with me now so i cant Check

Little you can do unless you know the controllers name bud, sorry. I’d wait until you can access your iPad again

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I can try and find them for you. Was it 8am UTC?

His name Started with an a

8 am norwegian time

Where did it happen? And you shouldn’t have been requesting frequency change while you were getting vectors into an airport anyway.

I was on left base so i shoud have been with tower, tower Said that i Needed to contact him

Was it someone called Adam Macaulay? If so PM @Adam_Macaulay

Again, there name will show in your logbook. Please only continue once you have the required info to assist further. No sense in playing investigator until we can just get the controller involved who will know exactly why.


Yes i think it was him

Yeah seems right as he was open as an approach controller. PM them and they will discuss it happily with you and help you learn from any issues you may have had.


I pm’d him