Reported Confusion

Hello, I am Tyler.

I was just recently reported for violating a separation limit without any warning. I am quite concerned on the incident and am confused since there was nobody around me. I was making an ATC call to request inbound for landing at LAS and then a sudden message that I had been reported popped up and was kicked off. Would like to further discuss how this was possible. Thanks.

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Was this expert server yes?

All I can say is check logbook for controller info and PM them about why you got violated/reported

Yes, It was.

Check your logbook and contact the person who ghosted you. If you are unable to identify the controller who ghosted you, please give us their display name so we can get their tag for you.

anthonycolon51 was the user who reported me.

He’s been notified he’ll get back to you.

Please send a DM to @Anthonycolon51 to discuss. :)

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Thank you guys, appreciate the support.


You may not be able to create a Direct Message. If so, then dont worry; the IFATC was tagged, and will contact you.

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Okay, thank you.