Reported By Several Users

Just Now I Was Approaching EHAM With NO Active ATC And Just As I Intercepted The Localizer, I Got Reported


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Never seen this before

He was reported by a supervisor/mod

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You were reported by me.

I had closed not two seconds before, more than enough time for you to check the ATIS and contact Approach as required. Instead, you tried to sneak past Approach and land against the departure taking off on 18L.

You might also note there were four immediate inbounds on the 18s.

This isn’t TS. Runway usage isn’t a free-for-all.

(I might suggest centering your mini-map as well. It’s still on EDDF. How can you have situational awareness like that?)


Thanks, Tim. Such a shame people can’t act appropriately on the expert server sometimes 🙂