Reported by multiple users

Hello, I’ve been ghosted because multiples users reported me, but I respected all the rules (I was not with a large aircraft, I didn’t taxied through grass or other aircraft, I requested the permission to pushback, taxi, and signaled that I’m going to takeoff on the Unicom (I verified that no plane takeoff or land at this time on this runway). Fortunately, I recorded my flight : click here

Can you tell me which error I done, or if I was abusively reported please ?

Check your logbook to see who ghosted you. User reports haven’t been enabled for years now so it was either a controller or a fellow pilot with moderating abilities while flying


It was an ATC Report by Tim Beckmann, but he don’t specified the reason. Maybe because he was thinking that I takeoff without clearance, but I just used unicom to signal it because there was not controller at this moment. Is it authorized to request an unghost to the controller ? Or just request to him the reason ?

Go ahead and PM @Tim_B. He can explain why you were ghosted. :)


You pulled on to the runway when there was another aircraft on final.