Reported by IFATC Ethan H

I was departing out of Zurich and I switched to departure, I took of runway 16 and I called out “departing West” and took off, i yes then switched to dep and got reported because i didnt follow ATIS, because there was no pattern work allowed, but they annonced this when i was rotating. I went from grade 4 to grade 2!
I was in a rush, in my car. Long story short I am in a professional Academy of music named Betty h I am in a professional Academy of music named Betty Haag, and we had a concert this night. I dont know if this was all a miss understanding because i was in a huge rush. If Ethan is reading this, i would like to talk maybe.If theres a way to talk with him, and to “delete” the report, that would be amazing. Please help

Best regards- YU-ARA Kid_aviator ig

I recommend you start a PM with @Ethan_Hansen

EDIT: because you’re currently TL0, Ethan will contact you. He was tagged and he will message you once he gets the chance

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By the sounds of things you were driving while this happened. In that case, you were distracted and not fully paying attention to your surroundings and ATIS. So it wont be removed because it was pilot error.

Also dont fly and drive.


ethan was a little bit busy, he got too many planes to control
he told me to turn a little bit too late, and i had a bad landing because of his incorrect instructions.
(he told me to turn to 160 degrees too late)

Please pm @Ethan_Hansen with the information!!. This can help IFATC improve by informing them with there little mistakes!

We are all humans after all


He’s a very nice guy just like all of IFATC if you get to talk to any of them, so I’m sure he can help. Regardless of the circumstances or outcome though, can we at least agree that playing IF while driving sounds like a very bad idea?