reported by controller

hey so I just wanted to clear this out…I got reported by the controller…reason is failure to keep separation and I just took off and was I guess 3000 ft. or something…I was cleared for take off…thats when I took off and not without permission…how can he ghost me for that ?
I will correct myself if my fault…Thank You!

I have no hate towards IFATC…

PM the specific controller directly as they’ll know the situation the best and will happily explain their reasoning so there’s no confusion :)

he is in my virtual airline…I did pm him…but I wanted someone elses opinion too…Im ready to correct myself…its just that I don’t see my self at fault here…

I’d recommend to then add a moderator or a supervisor to the PM and they’ll sort you guys out and give the final say :)

think about it…how would one want to fly on expert if they are gonna do like this…I got cleared for pushback and taxi to 04L and I requested 04L to this controller ( controller change ) but he docent let me takeoff from 04L and wants me to go to another runway straight behind me for takeoff…ATIS says 04L is allowed for take off…

who is the moderator…can you name someone

I understand your situation, but the specific controller will know the situation the best so I’ll leave it to them.

Anyone from this list will gladly help you sort out your queries :)

I’d recommend our ATC Community Manager, Tyler Shelton:

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Allowed. Not guaranteed.

(To expand a bit, LEMD the other day, I have both 25s and 20 as takeoffs, because depending on the situation, they’re all fine. But at one point, I had 3 in pattern on 25L. It would be ill-advised to have someone takeoff from 20 and try to shoot the gap between 3 planes. Just because it’s active doesn’t mean it always makes sense.)

I dint say guaranteed…I said it wasn’t a issue also…

dude but listen…if there was a airplane taking off could he not just ask me to hold short ? I would happily follow instructions…like how he changed runway and I dint hesitate to follow…

Contact the controller who reported you.

Continuing here as you are doing will not lead to anything apart from this topic being closed.

EDIT: Just saw above that you did PM him. If you are unhappy with the what the controller says, just add a moderator to the PM.

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true…I did…

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I was almost grade 4 and now im grade 2…

Relax, many of us have done mistakes. Learn from your mistakes and be a better pilot. You will get back to grade 4.

Mistakes are stepping stones to success


I agree with you and I understand, that is if I did a mistake…funny story is I got reported for following instructions from atc

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Rohith can I watch the replay I would like to see what’s going on

sure…how do I send it here ?

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Head onto the replay section of infinite flight, tap on the replay that this is about then tap share. The app will guide you from there

Makes sense?

I downloaded but unable to upload…it says sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorised ( authorised extensions : jpg, jpeg, png, gif )