Reported by ATC

Hi Marina,

Name is Salomón Iberia498HEAVY
Hope your doing well.
I would like to know why I received a level 2 violation for Failure to exit the runway.
As I went over the scene in video I complied with your instructions.

17:00:56 you instructed to exit the runway when able.

17:01:05 I responded: Iberia 498 Heavy, Wilco.

From the time given instructions to my respond there were 9 seconds and the aircraft was 10 kts to come a stop before turning left, also, there was a Southwest 737 on taxi way passing throught.
I would like you to evalué the video.

Have a nice weekend.

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Hey there!

If you feel you didn’t deserve the violation please contact @appeals and send them your replay along with any screenshots to help your case and they will look into it and possibly remove it or not.

Please avoid making these type of topics calling the controller out in the future.



Adding onto what Average_Gamer has mentioned, you can always send @Marina a private message on the IFC asking for an explanation.

Other than that, if you wish to contact the appeals team about a wrongful report given to you either by the system or by a controller, using this link would put you through to the appeals team who would be happy to assist you.

Sorry to hear that you’ve received a violation. Hope you can have it reversed!