Reported By ATC

I was wrongly reported just now by ATC over bueno aires.
This is just not acceptable as it was not my mistake i tried contacting the atc but that controller was not responding. Controller was sebi ue

Hey mate! PM @sebi-ue


I think he just said that the controller is not responding @Ash_Rand

@Tyler_Shelton : please look in to it… this is not acceptable as the same thing is happening to me again and again. This time by your controller @sebi-ue

I believe he meant that in-game

Ah, ok then.

Anything related to Reports/Ghostings issued by the IFATC must be messaged to the controller that reported you, rather than posting it publicly. Please check your Log Book and state the controllers name and we will help you locate the controller. As others stated I believe it’s @sebi-ue

He will contact you after he finishes controlling.

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The controller is currently active and on-duty at SAEZ. When he is available, he will respond to your PM.