Reported by ATC

I was just ghosted by the 128.50 approach at LAX. I was instructed to turn a left heading to 100, even though a right heading would’ve been more appropriate, but the ATC ghosted me for improper speed, altitude, and heading. Can someone help me understand why I was ghosted?

Who was The Controller?

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Can you go onto your logbook and check?

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It would be @Ethan_Hansen I believe.

The controller was IFAE IFATC Ethan h

@Ethan_Hansen The Guy your looking for

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So it’s what I said above.

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I was following all the instructions, but think he meant a right turn.

Message him and say then.

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We will provide you with the IFC username to the controller who ghosted you :). The reason your post got flagged there is because you put ‘t!t’ instead of it into your post. I suggest you edit that!

Also I can’t spell it because I’ll get flagged as well.

Good old Ethan_H…


Oops, I just realized my mistake, I won’t make that again

Thanks for providing the name, I’ll message him now

Also, Ghosts should really only be talking with the Person who ghosted you. You can ask for a Username but you should really refrain yourself from talking in a topic about it 😀

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Ok, thanks for letting me know.

It’s a good topic to look at when taking care of ghosting or reports. As stated above please shoot him a message and inform him about the recent incident.

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No problem, Please be nice to the Controller as well thank you.

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Read the Comments the Controller put. They have to put a comment 👍🏻

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Contact Ethan. 🙂