Reported by ATC

Hi, I was executing miss approach and because plane ,what just depart was so slow I almost flow through him and then ATC controller reported me, WHY! Thats not my fault thats controller fault, please remove this reports from my account, so I can move to Grade 3 again!

Controller name - It was Alex W

Find the name of the controller in your logbook and notify us.We will then notify (tag) the controller so he is will remember to contact you once he finished with his session

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Could you check the log table and check who reported you? Tell us his display name and we will guide you further on issues with ghostings.

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Did you see said aircraft before running through him? Where you able to avoid said aircraft if you did see him prior to running through him? Also what was the controllers name that ghosted you? Unless you are in IMC it is the pilots responsibility to maintain separation.

If you stated he was slow to depart, why didn’t you go around earlier and not till last minute that’s all i am trying to understand

I’m the controller I’ll PM you