Reported By ATC?

If you have been reported by ATC, there are reasons.
Here is a list below.
1.Interfering with another aircraft, or taking off towards traffic
3.Ignoring ATC instructions
Those were the most common ways of being reported.
I do not expect anybody to respond, but if you do, be sure you do not take anybody’s rights away and respect others.

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Not really sure the purpose of this post. A pilot should know when they are reported as the controller will select a reason that will appear in the pilots log book.

If a pilot gets reported and has any questions regarding it, they should be contacting the controller in question for further clarification.


Thus the reason why we have DMs!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but if the report is due to a glitch, isn’t that technically not your fault (therefore the report will be reversed)?

I don’t see the meaning of this. I’m actually a bit confused. People have to message their controller via PM to handle the situation.

as long as you explain to a mod, it’ll be reversed

Hmm let’s say you got violations or got ghosted but the fault is within the simulator, not yourself, then yes.

Thanks for the initiative, but we’re pretty clear on our process for when people are reported. All moderators and IFATC controllers are available to have a chat with if you have any doubts regarding this sort of thing :)