Reported by ATC

Callsign: N551WH

Hello, last Saturday I was flying across Europe and doing some touch and go in 4 airports

I was on my way to LEBL when I check the ATIS information and contact tower and requested a “touch and go” landing, the controller in LEBL authorized me for a landing and never told me that the “touch and go” was not permitted at the time

The controller reported me instead of telling me prior to landing that the airport due to air traffic was not accepting touch and go

No I cannot participate in this week’s Friday event

I hope you can help me with this issue

Thank you
Henry Chiquito

Since you cannot send a DM, @Piazza will message you shortly. Thanks.


Hello @Henry_Chiquito,

Check out this info on appealing a ghost, and as @Transport_Hub said, send a PM to the controller to discuss.

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Always check ATIS information before tuning into tower or approach. That way you get a clear understanding of what is expected at the airport.

Controller will reach out to you.