Reported by ATC

My first report ever, and I don’t believe it was my fault. I wouldn’t object unless I truly believed this was my fault. Can anybody help me with this? I would usually put this in ATC, but i don’t have access to that yet.


Hey! Can you look in your logbook and tell me the controller who reported you please?

And even when and/or where this happened

Check your logbook and pm the controller or tell me where you were ghosted and I can search the controller for you. :)

Before we discuss anything else, may I ask what you did that may have gotten you reported?

The only one to discuss to, is the Controller. Please have a look in your logbook and get in touch with him via dm.


If you go back to your logbook you can find the ATC person and politely PM him :)

We need your IFATC controller who reported you before we can progress. This will be found in your logbook, or replay.

Guys, let the OP find the controller. Instructions have been given more than 4 times above, so there is no need to repeat the same things.


Spamming the frequency, which only happened because the controller kept scolding me for “sending duplicit messages”. All I was doing was to request another decent, because I was relatively close to the airport. Nothing wrong with that right? When the controller keeps scolding me for doing nothing wrong, at that point I do send my decent request about 3 times, because at that point the controller was ignoring me, and he wasn’t doing his job. So yes, I may have spammed the frequency a few times to get his attention because the controller didn’t realize I was asking for different altitudes, but that fact that he ignored me and treated me like I didn’t know what I was doing, when I clearly did, was what led me to that point. To even further prove that he was ignoring me, he even contacted who was working at LAX tower and told him to completely ignore me too! I was the only aircraft on approach that didn’t get pattern instructions. I’m sorry, but you can’t blame me for trying to defend myself by sending the same message a few times to get their attention. Especially when the controllers aren’t doing their job correctly. If anything, if this was a feature, I the pilot, should’ve reported the ATC!!! 😂

Controller : IFAE tomthetank

Date :2019/03/29 13:25 UTC

Thank You guys

The controller was @tomthetank. Please contact Tom via DM and I am sure he will be happy to discuss further with you.

You should contact the ATC directly. But no, from your description, you are not supposed to do that.

Hi, I was your controller. Please send me a PM with your username and callsign (at the time you were ghosted) so I can find you. Hopefully we can get everything straightened out :)