Reported by ATC, Tower wasn't visible on the ATC list.

Hi, so I need a look at a case. I was recently reported by DanielVitiello IFATC. I was flying to PHNL, but I kept getting his calling messages, I looked through the ATC selection. But no signs of it, one user couldn’t. He was on Unicom. LiveFlightApp also didn’t see the frequencies, until after getting reported. It appears, woo-hoo but it was too late. I’m not going to mention my device because what is the whole point, this is not a performance issue. To be honest, if it was visible. I would still connect to ATC, but in this case it wasn’t.


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Contact controler who ghosted you via PM

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I don’t where I can find him.

@DanielVitiello was the controller.

Yep, thank you!

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