Reported by ATC for flyby

Hi. I have been reported by Dubai Approach 120.25 when I only wanted to do a low flyby. The ATC ghosted me because he said I was “not following instructions”. He did not give me any instructions at all!!! For the safety of other players who wish to flyby, please report him if needed. Please look into the matter and get back to me soon! Thank you.
ATC Name: RiKowalSkipper
Currently Controlling: DXB Approach on 120.25.

@RiKowalSkipper will contact you.


Have a look at Inquiring about Ghosting / Reports
It’s pinned for a reason, these topics are unnecessary

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Message him, the controller (can be seen in logbook) than ask what you did wrong, make sure he knows who you are, learn from your mistakes, but if he/she messed up, than get the replay at Share My Infinite Flight, contact a staff, or someone like that, then just ask for a reverse in the report/Ghost

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Hope this helped!

Maybe not the best Idea to do a Low flyby at todays MainHub… as said before, the Controller has been notified about it. let him control, I’m sure he gets back to you when he finished his session


Like what @SunDown said, it is a bad idea to do a flyby at a hub. The controller is trying to do their job and you are just being a nuisance. If there is a real plausible reason to debate this ghost, sort it out privately with the controller, as highlighted in the link I provided. If you have a question feel free to ask me.

Flying 100ft above an active runway is really not the best thing to do at such a busy airport


Was that you in that TBM930? if so. i screenshotted you just before you got ghosted. i was AFK and i hear a GA aircraft right behind me real loud. i turned my screen around and saw a TBM going 120 knots over Dubai. I was like if Panther doesnt ghost this person ill be surprised.

you can get the screenshot after i finish my flight to YSSY.-Fedex2020