Reported by ATC [Declan O] without any warning

I was just about to approach the airport and following approach instructions when I suddenly got a massage that Im now in a active airspace even though I had been in contact with ATC approach. 30 seconds later I got a Report from [Declan O] without any previous massage/warning.
It would be very nice if you could remove this report since something must have gone wrong :/



You can simply contact him through a PM, because we can’t do anything except listen and learn. Posts like this don’t need to be made. @Declan_O is who you need to contact.


Nothing went wrong, I cleared you to turn 060 and descend maintain 3,000 and cleared you for the GPS approach. You switched frequency without permission and then turned away from the airport still in my airspace.

Next time, don’t switch frequency without asking permission or when instructed to do so.


You all should take this to a PM.

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Don’t need to. I was the controller that ghosted him and was explaining why the ghosting occured.

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