Reported by a non IFATC member

A few minutes ago I got reported by a non IFATC member on expert server at EGLL, his name was @FarizJ, his IF name is IFATC FarizJ even tho he is NOT in IFATC, I have already contacted him via a pm, however I do not think he was elligable to control and report me.


Did he reply over your PM conversation?

We will also need a little bit more information as to why he reported you.

He is ifatc so wait for him to reply


He isn’t even a basic user.

he is TL0…

He joined the 14 April

But then how was he able to file a report? You need to be an IFATC to do so.

That’s why this thread is open XD

He IS part of IFATC and can control on expert


He joined April 14 on the community with no desc yet

Forum trust level and ATC rank have no connection to each other.


But thats just IFC, not IFATC

Not all IFATC as I know of it has a IFC account. Just like how many pilots who fly in the servers are not in IFC. They have other means of communication among IFATC.


Is he not ment to have a certain time on the form and a description?

Nope. It’s not a requirement.

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Oh okay. I thought you had to be TL2 for IFATC.

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This is what went down, I was cleared to land on runway 09L at EGLL, I turned to line. Myself up and accidentally went wide and was in front of 09R, I then called out a go around and after that I got reported

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