Reported because of devices issue

Hey I was just taxing at TNCM, when I was going to holding short of runway 10… but I think my phone screen was slippery, and I couldn’t Stop in time. I saw a TBM -130 STOP and I was going to stop to but I got too late that why I didn’t actually enter the runway but I had gone ahead of the hold-short line. I didn’t do it on purpose. I couldn’t pull the throttle back . As soon as I realised that I have gone ahead, I immediately stop and contacted @nicopizarro who was controlling, to apologise and go back. But I got reported. Can this be reversed, because I didn’t enter the runway purposely…pls check
I can also send you the replay file if you need it. I have been demoted to grade 2.
Anyways my subscription is ending on 9th August. Pls reverse the report as it isn’t my mistake, it’s just some misunderstanding…

Contact your controller or @appeals for further inquiries

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I have done it

You even contacted appeals? If you have then patience is your best bet


Has contacted appeals.