Reported at WMKJ for no reason?

Hello everyone.
I am sad now. I was at WMKJ, a casual server earlier, but I got a ghost for some reason.
I was about to join the event. However, most users who participated in the event were ghosted.
I was in flight, but some of the users who became ghosts were just people who were parked.

Are there people who enjoy reporting users?
Or is it a bug?
Sorry for my bad english.

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It takes 3 users for a system ghost to be enforced …

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Not sure you can be reported on Casual.

@Kilt_McHaggis @Joshua_Fleming

A lot of users who participated in the event got a ghost.
And, I have two live accounts, but both got a ghost.

It was a setup they lured u guys into the the event to report u… OK seriously that’s weird, I genuinely think the people at the event reported u otherwise I don’t think u can ghosted on the casual server. Can u even report players on casual?


What was the event and who all participated?

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The event is a personal event gathering on military aircraft such as C130.
About 40 people attended, but 33 of them were reported.

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Then the likely perpetrator was 3 of the other 7.

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Why do you have 2 live accounts


Because, I love the InfiniteFlight :)

Of course, I am paying for it.

I was reported too.
I didn’t do anything wrong:(

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I think that it is an absolutely bug…

Have you also participated in the event?

I was shocked🤒

It seems to be like three people decided to ruin the experience of 33 pilots… I’m sure a moderator could reverse some of those if necessary. Who was the host of this group flight? Where can we find the event’s details? When did this happened exactly (time in Zulu please)? Those answers will help us to understand the issue better.
EDIT: seems like to be the Infinite Flight Japan group:

Event’s link according to @JA802T:


@Joe @Tyler_Shelton