Reported at TFR airport.

So I was doing a flight over from Aruba to St Martin, on expert server. It was a normal flight. I noticed that Misha Camp was on the airport grounds. But when I landed I was reported by her for no reason. It was wired because I contacted tower prior to my arrival. And made no mistakes and I know that for sure because I looked at the replay.image

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Reported for [landing at TNCM] by Misha Camp


TNCM was closed per the TFR. Everyone who took off or landed at the three airports with red circles have been reported today.


Why was it closed?

It was the rules of the Friday Night Flight to prevent people from making short flights.


What’s wrong with short flights?

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Rules are rules…

It was also closed due to the shear amount of people that would be here and how much madness it was going to be and not my rules his

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there is nothing wrong with a short flight. you can still do them but not to those airports listed

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Now I understand. Thanks everybody.