Reported at LPPR

I just got reported at LPPR by a user but the reason was not specified.** can someone help me with this?

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Please find controller in your logbook and contact them.

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Check your logbook for the name of the controller

Hey can you go back in your logbook and find the controller who ghosted you. To know what happened you should PM him :)

There was no controller

I was on UNICOM

Yes there was. Please send a picture.

Did you violate any TFR’s?

What is the reason for violation in your logbook?

That could be your problem.

You were most likely ghosted by a mod or supervisor then. Please check your logbook for the name of the person that ghosted you.

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I think ones enough πŸ˜‚


Orrrr we were all typing at the same time

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You can always withdraw it πŸ˜‚

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I just went to that airport in expert server and there is IFATC there.

It was Julius-ifae

Are you able to PM here in the IFC?

Please contact @Julius97.

Everyone, stop with the off-topic posts. It’s diluting the thread and making our lives harder.