Reported at KSFO

I was just reported at KSFO by N193WX - reason not specified. I was Speedbird 444.

I suspect that it was related to a C172 (N1322K) that cut in front of me and landed on 29R when I was on very short final.

Since the airport had been closed to light traffic, and the light plane was not making any radio calls, I just continued and completed the landing.

Should I have been the one to be reported?

Did I make some other mistake?

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Please contact the controller that reported you :)

And that controller is @Joe πŸ™‚

How do I do that?

Contact him via Personal Message

No more is needed. Controller was tagged, the user just has to wait.

Sorry make a mistake

No worries. He is TL1 so he’s good

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Thanks all.

I have flagged this post because the issue was solved πŸ˜€

Joe will address this report