Reported at KSFO 25/08 @ 1000


I’ve just been reported for pushing back without clearance at KSFO. I was actually given pushback clearance. My game dropped out for a few seconds and then I commenced pushback.

When I asked for taxi clearance I was reported but I forgot to screenshot the name of the controller. Can someone find out who it was and let me speak to him to get the report reversed.

Thanks @OLLY2185

Look at your logbook and PM the controller. ;)

Your controller will be in your logbook. Check it out and send him a pm

well you can send us the replay, or screens hot the replay of the controller who it was and PM him/her
or check the log book yeah


that is the person who reported you?

Alright, now that you know your controller you can send him a PM. Everything related to the ghosting will be discussed between the two of you privately (and maybe a moderator if needed). No further discussion needed in this thread. 😊

Good luck!

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That’s @PlaneGeek not @planegeek101, make sure you PM the correct one being @PlaneGeek.