Reported at Houston

After landing at KIAH during the FNF, I was taxiing behind a CRJ-700 doing 9 knots on the taxiway, I wasn’t a fan of this but I stayed behind him and made sure to break when he slowed down to give some separation. After a few minutes of taxiing I was reported by the ATC Controller for not maintaining separation, I was given no warning, just taxiing behind the CRJ and bam, ghosted. Is there anything I can do about this?

Controller name?

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Go into your logbook and tell us the name of the controller and we will go from there.

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IFATC GAF SCVA Kian was the controller name

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IFATC GAF SCVA Kian was the name

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Then contact @Kian_Abbasi … I think.

I think its @Kian_Abbasi. Might be wrong.

It is Kian_abbasi.

I’ll contact him, is there a way where I can get the report taken away though

If it was a mistake then yes but make sure to be very nice and kind in the PM.

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That will be hashed out via the contact. No one else can say.