Reported and kicked down to grade 2

I’ve read some other threads about being “reported by multiple users” and it hasn’t answered my question, so I’m going to ask it here.

I’ve been a LVL3 for about a week now but today something strange happened. I was taking off from an airport with only one other user who was sitting in the parking area with his engine shut down. I made all my radio calls, used the taxiway, and announced my takeoff on Unicom. As I was climbing out, it said “multiple users have reported you and you will not be seen by them for 60 minutes” or something like that. I just got back on to take a flight and noticed I’ve been bumped down a Level and I cannot figure out why.

Since I have been using the Expert Server for the past week, I’ve done nothing wrong except get a speeding violation below 10000’ due to flying from the outside view trying to refuel from a KC-10. Other than that, I’ve been more of an “expert” than some I’ve seen on there.

So my question is how did this happen and what does it take to get Level 3 back since it is no longer based on XP?



Were you reported on the Expert server?

Server access is still based on XP so your statement is incorrect. Your stats screen will show what and how long everything is based on. A ghostings is 7 days before access to Expert is restored.

Did you take off into oncoming traffic? What was your call sign? If you are flying and a moderator spots you taking off against established traffic or taxiing through traffic they can ghost you while flying.


No, I took off on the runway with no other traffic around. In fact, when I was coming back around for a landing I even looked to see if that other player had taxied out and was ready to take off as I would have made a 360 for him. The airport was Lukla, Nepal so it is a one way in, one way out sort of thing. But I was “ghosted” right after liftoff so I’m not sure what happened there. I was using the callsign Air Force 100 at the time.

Oh, and yes, I was the Expert Server.

What plane were you using?

You said the magic word… Lukla…

Your aircraft was probably too big for the airport and thats why you were ghosted. There is a red circle around the airport (TFR) explaining the restrictions.


There is a TFR (Temporary Flight Restriction) at Lukla, if you werent in a GA aircraft, you couldve gotten violations which could have possibly brought u down to grade 2…

An Egyptian C-130. I was testing the Operation Credible Sport theory of short runways and military extraction for injured climbers

@kylen15 is right. C130 is too big for Lukla.



You stated you were flying over lukla when the ghosting occured, there is a TFR over Lukla, please check NOTAMS and Restrictions to see if you are flying the correct aircraft.

Nothing Bigger than a Cessna 208 ;)

Aka you violated the TFR


If you’re going to fly aircraft that arent GA aircraft at lukla, do it on casual.

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Ok, got it…Answered my question, thanks! Guess I won’t do that again. So what do I have to do to get out of this damn “training server” again?

Be patient, wait 7 days.


You wait 7 days. Then you will access the Expert server again


Wait one week, its the only way…

Thanks all for your quick replies! Guess my time in California this weekend is going to be relegated to the other servers. Doh, wish I would have read the NOTAMS. Kinda funny, seeing as how I’m always jumping on private pilots who don’t in the real world… Haha.


Be careful where you are taking off and landing - always check for restrictions!