Reported after requesting and executing a touch and go

Hi guys!

I planned and requested to do a touch and go at LFPG in Expert Server and got a confirmation from the ATC. While executing that I got a report by IFATC jackey20.
Reason: Landing/Take off without permission.

Did I something wrong? Do somebody know this guy? What can I do?

Please contact @anon82246052 for further discussion


Thanks, wasnt able to find him

He will let you know why you have been reported!
Good day.

You can add one of the moderators if needed

I can tell you I saw and heard no pattern work in the ATIS. I saw you coming in to land and then lift off all of a sudden as if you were in the pattern. I can’t comment further because I had not looked at your track, but if you send me your replay I can take a better look at this to determine if this was a justified report or not. Thanks!

FYI: A touch and go is different than “remaining in the pattern”. A touch and go is simply coming in to land, touching down and departing the area.