Reported after I was cleared to land by Approach ATC

I was next to land at Amsterdam, ATC told me to maintain 3000 ft and 150 heading, when I was at 16 nm from runway 18R ( cleared to land ), I requested a frequency change but never told me to contact tower or align with the runway when their was a only one plane on final and far away from me and didn’t tell me to execute a missed approach, I was trying to avoid runway 18C I was trying to avoid the runway path to landing since their were some other planes landing in runway 18C, when I turned I received a level 2 violation, is this my fault or his fault? I think this was an incorrect violation, correct me if I’m wrong please.

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Feel free to send a message to @ appeals if you want to appeal your violation.

On a side note, were you told to turn to heading 150 and maintain 3000ft until established on the localizer?

Yes, I was

I completely avoided the featured airport because I’m not familiar with EHAM and not gonna lie, I get mad at ATC sometimes. I’m doing a Istanbul-San Francisco flight instead.

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When ATC tells you to establish on the localizer, they want you to align yourself with the localizer / the runway using APPR (ILS)

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You were turning, how were you established?

I was actually thinking of doing that and then did it but he just reported me

I was getting into runway 18C so I was trying to turn to runway 18R

When controllers report pilots, it’s usually for a valid reason. Don’t hesitate to contact the controller if you’d like to know why or you could also contact the appeals team for help with the violation.

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Handling in appeals