Reported after cleared to cross runway

Just landed at KLAS on 16L and after landing was told to exit runway and cross runway 16R and contact ground when on the taxiway. So I exited the runway and crossed runway 16R and was immediately reported by IFATC GAF Liam for entering a runway without permission. What’s up with that?

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Contact him for Assistance

Please contact your controller in a private message to sort out the situation!

can’t find his username on messenger. maybe i’m doing something wrong

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@Liam_Kirk Is your controller. Contact him via PM :)


thank you!

You may want to double check your replay to get the runways in order, first. If you landed on 19L (not 16, there isn’t a 16), that’s the inside runway. He would very likely not have you cross away from the terminal upon exit.

If you landed on 19R and crossed via 08L by chance, that’s not a taxiway.

Besides @Tim_B because he is an IFATC and so can help

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Bad memory on my part. Landed 26L and was cleared to cross 26R

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Okay cool. Just making sure. Liam will help you out.