Reported after app froze + miscommunication


Callsign Alaska 120.

Around 14:48 I was holding at runway 27 at Yakima Air Terminal (KYKM), takeoff was requested and then suddenly the app froze and lagged and took me to my home screen. when I reopened the app I was still at the runway with a message ‘please expedite’ ; I’m unsure whether this was to takeoff (as I don’t know if my request sent) and so I [stupidly] proceeded to takeoff and was reported as I rotated. I did however check the ATC log but couldn’t then see whether I was cleared.

I’m aware that I did make a mistake, and should probably reset my device due to playing easier.

However, I thought I’d reach out to see if there was any chance of a report repealing. If not, it’s fine and don’t worry and sorry to disturb.

Thank you.

If you can find out who your controller was, talk to him via PM to see if things can be sorted out :)

If you don’t know, check your logbook and tell us the name on here, and we’ll help you track him down.

Demotion to grade 2 means I’m unable to re-access the expert server so can’t see. Is there any other way to? :/

Can you go to your logbook and check the details of the report? It should say the controller’s name.

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Found it! Didn’t know you could do that. Thank you!

No problem, glad I could help :)

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