Reported 1 minute after ATC command without report warning


I was reported today after I departed out of the HUB tonight. The ATC Tower&Ground left so I made sure on unicom to state that I was flying the pattern. As I departed a new Tower joined and asked me to change freq to Approach.

I did so and asked for permission landing at 27R, the Approach told me the airport couldn’t take anymore traffic which is absolutley ridicilous as there was only 4/5 airplanes whithin the approach airspace that actually planned on landing, all other airplanes as you can see on the screenshot were at cruising altitude.

I continued flying straight at 2500 feet to gain some distance and wait out the airplanes going in for landings but before I knew it I got a Violation Rank 3 which kicked me from Grade 4 to Grade 2.

It isn’t fair since I didn’t get a warning I was going to get reported. And it’s so weird I would get reported for something such as not diverting, I was heading away from the airport and I was never warned that I would get reported.

I have the name of the approach individual if it helps. I don’t think this violation was fair at all and if it gets decided it was then it’ll be the end of my time in IF, it’s seriously been going downhill the past months.

Please review this!

Hello there, please send a private message (PM) to @BrandonHG if you wish to discuss and/or appeal the violation. Thank you!

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I already have!