Does this mean I’m reported for one year?! :(

Well a year from your first report yea

Yes, you’re reported until the same time you got your report next year.

Hmmmm ah man that sucks

From the looks of it, yes. That’s 6 reports there buddy. Until the 1 year anniversary of your oldest report comes around, you can’t use expert server.

For now, I would highly advise that you review the expert server rules. It’ll help prevent future ghosting’s and help you become a better pilot.

Yes I will review it

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depens when you got your first ghost. The moment you drop on 5 Ghosts you can come back to the Expert Server again :)!

I am unable to find the rules can someone link in to me :)

Yup! Here they are;

Those are violations… not reports

They are counted as rules that need to be followed. Read the OP’s question please.

Ok thanks…

Unfortunately the report menu was removed from the public IFATC manual, for now, go through forum airplane tutorials and study up.

Rules for reports, not violations 😁 ready the OP’s question please.

These are just for system violations. Following these rules only won’t let you survive on ES. Rules that need to be followed are listening to ATC and general professionalism. Details can be found on the Infinite Flight youtube.

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