I’m looking to get in contact with someone named Ivan Chen who flew into KSFO from KLAX using the call sign United 120 flying a United B739 and is a grade 4.

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Not everyone is on the IFC. And was this on expert? or training?

Edit: Nothing can be done either really. If there was no Mod or active ATC. And i checked thr ATC map and KSFO wasn’t on there. For Tuesday or Wednesday. So nothing can be done.

I’m sorry it was on the expert server.

I just wanted to let him know about his error and that I let it slide.

The report function doesn’t work for regular pilots, regardless. It was disabled quite some time ago.


Gotcha thank you.

In future, if you see someones behaviour that isnt fitting in with the standards expected on Expert, you can send a screenshot or recording to a moderator to review.


That really still won’t do anything

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Personal experience - yes it does.

I keep having people disagree with things I am saying, I suggest a PM would be a better way to go especially if you dont know the answer 100%.

For my personal experience it does not do anything

It’s a forum. That is allowed.

You’re both correct, under different circumstances.

If someone takes off from the wrong end of the runway, the mods aren’t going to retroactively do anything.

If the pilot has an offensive callsign or does something completely beyond the pale, different story.

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