His username is FUATC and he is spamming my frequency please report him like @DeerCrusher it a mod I am atc At KMYR his Durban is FUATC and he keeps spamming You’re welcome

What server is this? If it’s on TS not much can be done sadly.

Training server

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Isn’t it possible to report someone with a bad user name and he is spamming frequency

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Send a replay video of this


Trolling is uncontrollable in servers other than Expert, so not much can be done sadly

As @Airbus_737 said, not that much can be done.

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Only it it’s inappropriate. As I said, nothing can be done.

I thought it was possible to report someone with a bad username though on any server

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Only expert. Best thing you can do is Ignore him.

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I’m not sure, the report button in game is for admins, but try message an administrator.

I mean it is inappropriate to me and he is spamming frequency

If it’s bothering you this much, try PMing a mod


I mean anyone can see I’m controlling ATC at KMYR and he is in the middle of the runway

Sadly, if it’s Training, not much can be done. Just keep working hard and you can earn access to Expert and you can leave all of these troubles behind!


Let’s conclude this:

It is an inappropriate username, that’s correct. You notified a moderator about it (by tagging him) so you’ve done that as well.

That’s it. The End. It’s in the moderators power now to act if he thinks he has to.

Has anyone already mentioned that there is nothing he can do because it’s Training Server? ;)


Incase you were wondering the users info

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He is now colliding through another aircraft

Again, if this is training, we can’t do anything. Just see what the mods have to say

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I’ll end it here. I’ve had issues with this particular user (the username seems familiar in a unfortunate way), so a moderator action will most likely take place. As for trolling, we can’t help you with that. If you want to improve, just ignore the pilot, and soon it will become only their issue. Good luck with your training!