Hello there. My Name is Anil
Display Name: Capt AniL
Callsign: Turkish 737

Firstly sorry for my beginner English.

My problem;

About 10 minutes ago I had a problem with approaching the LTBA 35R runway. Approaching the runway at a my speed of 140 knt, the approaching pilot in front of me suddenly slowed down. When I realized this, I reported the position to the ATC and I said final. The ATC said going around to me but I noticed that the distance between it was very short and we contacted the plane ahead. I didn’t have the fault here, but it was the pilot in front of me. There was a safe distance between us when I checked in before. When I approached about 140 knt, it slowed so slow that the distance was closed. After contact, ATC reported me. I’m down to Grade 2 now. I didn’t deserve this.
ATC Name: Benjwri

Contact @Benjwri he was the controller

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It was probably because he dude disconnected. You have to go around if told

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Sorry to hear that, I mean it’s not good to taxi/fly through aircraft but probably not worth a whole report. That honestly makes me feel guilty as I’ve reported people for an inappropriate… until I realised what reporting actually does😬!

I did Go Around …

Please contact the controller @Benjwri via pm