I was flying into OBBI a minute ago and I was cleared to land Runway 30R number 2 behind traffic on final when I was 20nm away from the airport. I landed the plane and then a red message popped up that said reported by Nolan for landing on the wrong runway. I am not sure why I got reported but it really stinks because I want to participate in flying out of MSP on Saturday on the Expert Server. I only have 9 violations on IF, and always follow ATC instructions, especially IFATC because they have the ghost button.

Go to your logbook and contact who ghosted you.

Could you send us a pic of your log book? I can help you identify the controller.

I’ll get you the name of the controller to contact in just a second.

Thank you so much guys. I am currently going for my pilots licenses IRL so I think it would be stupid of me to mess around on the expert server

I just need to ensure that the correct “Nolan” is tagged here so you and the controller can discuss it in a PM. 🙂


Shoot @_nolan a message to inquire. Thanks!