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Last Saturday I was reported by the user below. I think this is extremely unfair as I had to taxi through an aircraft due to the fact he had been stopped there for 5 minuites, not moving blocking the active runway and when I went through him I got reported! Think this is so unfair, the user wasn’t moving clearly not paying attention and had no other choice as there was a whole que of traffic behind. Please help, I’m a good user who respects the community and am really hoping I can fly FNF tonight on expert. It was a stupid mistake and I won’t be doing it again! Thanks.


Please contact @Julius97 as he was your controller at the time, and discuss with him.

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On this note… If the pilot in question was inactive, he would also have been ghosted by ATC for inactivity and obstructing the runway. Are you sure he wasn’t told to hold position by ATC?


Please contact that controller immediately to find out why he ghosted or reported you.

Thank you for your help, I have done :)

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Not a problem, I’m sure he will know if the aircraft was inactive or they where told to hold position.

Have a good day! :)

No I don’t think so as an aircraft taxied through him before and was cleared for takeoff! Not really sure what’s happened and how that aircraft didn’t get ghosted yet I did… I have contacted the controller :/

Have done, thanks for the help!

There was an incident this week like this, but the time to do it is then. Not 6 days later, for future reference. When it’s fresh in everyone’s minds and the documentary path is still wholly intact.

Yeah apologies about that but in all due respect I do work and have a fast paced lifestyle therefore time is limited.