Report without knowing the reason

Good evening everyone, I have just been reported by the ATC approach of socal without understanding why. Can someone explain the reason to me.


You have to PM to your controler @alberto_lopez ;)

“Failure to divert” usually means that you continued to your destination even though it was a crowded airport. ATC asked you to divert to a nearby airport and you didn’t. That’s why you were issued the violation because you continued to the airport were ATC didn’t want you.

I would suggest PMing your controller and resolving the issue from there.

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He didn’t give me any diversion instructions for example: turn to 040 or 250. The easiest solution is to signal.

As mentioned above, PM Alberto please. Alternatively, you can visit us at Appeals as well.

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Thank you for your answers, I have already contacted him, I am waiting for his answer.


Feel free to contact @ appeals, so we can help you appeal the violation. Make sure to have a replay with you because we will ask for that when you message.

Merci de ton conseil.

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