Report violation

Hello fellow pilots, I recently Got a Violation for apparently not doing a straight out departure. I was doing a straight out departure, in fact, I was flying pretty straight for the entire flight ( KJFK-KATL). How long will I be banned from the Expert server or how can I get this violation taken away? Thanks

Did you get the name of the controller who reported you? If not, check your logbook.

yes, His name Is Trio-IFAE-ATCEG I actully tried to message him but he does not have an account I guess. How else could I contact him? And will I be banned forever because I was a grade 4 and got dropped to a grade 2

I’ll forward this to trio

oh ok , Thank you so much . Do you know him ?

@Trio is who you are looking for.

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Ok thank you so much I will message him

You need to contact the controller via PM. @Trio

And KJFK is not 95 degrees from KATL, so you weren’t flying straight out all the way there, sorry.

If it just happened and you were the one who just turned directly into the inbound aircraft north of the field, I wouldn’t expect much, but you can always PM the controller and ask to see the screenshots.