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I was doing ATC Tower today and someone was not listening to me, so I tried to report him. When I hit the “Report User” button, it said, " You are to low to report any user." can someone tell me what that means? I am a Grade 2 Pilot.

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You have to be an IFATC to report and/or ghost people. (As an ATC)

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Thanks. But I can report someone when I am flying? (Ex. taxi in grass, aerobatics over airports, ect.)

Reporting as a controller is reserved for us IFATC! You are free it report when you fly though 🙂


What airport was this at

I still hate this rule…

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I wont ghost him, However if you clickec on that message it will report him, so if 2 other pilots/ATC Reported him he will be ghosted.

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Well, would you hate it when you are flying and you get unnecessarily ghosted because he thought it was funny?

50/50 just tell them if you abuse the report button your wifi Adress gets permently banned of infinite flight.

8/25/2016 @ aprx. 7:50AM Eastern time ~ Delta 490 Heavy was climbing out as you can see. A few seconds before I took this I was contacted “your on an active airport please contact ground” then I was ghosted. Please explain. FYI. I was cleared by ground to pushback, taxi and cleared for takeoff by tower. Nothing was done wrong !
Sorry for not getting screen shot of controller. Was so surprised…

No, it doesn’t work. IFES tested it.

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I would not have ghosted him. I would just give him a warning.

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